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Term & Condition

Here are the things that customers and BAW parties must agree on

    1.1 Customer shall provide valid data in accordance with identity card or passport when requested by BAW officers

    1.2 The transaction will be resumed via email / text message after the customer orders the product on BAW website (baliartwarehouse.com). while the customer must be consistent with what has been agreed in the email / text message (we have a customer email recording)

    1.3 The customer must pay the Deposit before the product shipment is at least 50%, unless there is an agreement in the email / text message to pay on the spot

    1.4 Customer can not cancel the transaction when the product is shipped

    1.5 The product delivery process is the responsibility of the courier / delivery service and not our responsibility (BAW)

    1.6 Procurement process until product packaging will take maximum 3-4 days for 1 product, and fastest 1 day. (this is tailored to the email deal / text message). For shipping overseas will be charged postage

    1.7 WEBSITE bonus is the purchase of items above 99 seeds is a free website creation along with hosting and domain .COM, .NET, .ORG and .BIZ. website design will be determined by BAW and no revision by customer. customers are required to pay monthly or annual renewal fees according to the prices listed on the website creation proposal

    1.8 Customers and BAW parties are required to comply with applicable terms and conditions
    2.1 Customers must submit an identity card / passport as collateral (copy)

    2.2 Customers must pay a pre-determined price paid via email / text message that has been agreed upon

    2.3 The customer must be prepared to pay compensation in case of damage to the rental (Motorbike / Car) goods caused by the customer

    2.4 Return must be on time, and if more than the specified time then the customer will be charged at least Rp 350.000 / Day or Rp 30.000 / Hour.

    2.5 BAW is not liable to customers who are ticketed by the police or anything without BAW's knowledge. The customer shall be solely responsible for the lease and all risks

    2.6 Customers and BAW parties are required to comply with applicable terms and conditions
    3.1 BAW will send web creation proposal to customer via email

    3.2 BAW will show a design similar to the project to be created for the customer

    3.3 If the customer agrees with the design concept, Customer shall pay Deposit at least 25% of the price stated in the proposal

    3.4 No Deposit returns if the customer cancels the web creation contract

    3.5 Customers are entitled to submit web revisions up to a maximum of 3 times

    3.6 Customers must settle the payment when the website is completed by BAW

    3.7 Domain and hosting access stays in BAW, unless the customer wishes to terminate the contract with BAW, and after that BAW is no longer responsible for all its website issues.

    3.8 Customer must be willing to pay renewal fee every month / year according to the price stated on website creation proposal

    3.9 BAW only serve website creation. BAW is not responsible for the purposes of SEO and other marketing techniques

    3.10 BAW reserves the right to refuse customer requests or suspend customer websites containing prohibited content such as sex, gambling and more.

    3.11 Customers and BAW parties are required to comply with applicable terms and conditions

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